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Date & Time: Friday, November 16, 2018 from 2– 7pm  & 

Saturday, November 17, 2018 from 9am – 4pm

Location: The YWCA across from Park Place at 815 W. 45th St., Williamsport.


The wide range of juried hand-crafted articles include eclectic glass jewelry and ornaments that are hand-torched, and cannot be found anywhere else. Classic handmade soaps and lotions are always popular items with visitors, too.  In addition, the vendors offer clothes, home décor, ceramics, wooden handicrafts, fiber arts, jewelry and more.


Kuntzie’s Kimonos-Hand tailored wraps with antique accents


Tree Gems–Sculptures, Mirrors, Jewelry, Ornaments from Pinecones

Liam’s Luck Wood Craft/Liam McCay – Spurtles, Wooden Spoons, Mashers, Serving Boards, Boxes, Small Tables, Laser engraving available

Liams Luck Wood Products



Linda Campbell-Beautiful slab & extruded ceramics

Lisa Fink–Uniquely Exquisite wheelthrown, sculpted & woven pottery


Sue’s Salves-plant-based skin care, healing & aromatherapy products

Autumn Woods Soap – Chemical free Soaps & lotion


Parson’s Hot Glass – Hand-torched Glass Angels, Snowmen and SS jewelry

Meg Smith – SS & 14k GF Gemstone Bead jewelry


Tim Millard – Hand Painted Ukrainian Egg Ornaments

Nadine Sapiante – Encaustics


Nadine Sapiante

>Amy Alexander


Antique Sleigh Bells/Mike Morris



Griggs Peanuts & more

MUSIC  for the season by Sara Scott from 4-5pm

Acoustic Guitar and Voice


The Park Home Collection

The Park Home Collection showcases artworks dating from the late 18th century in to the 20th century.   The largest group of paintings in the collection features landscape and farm animals. The best known paintings in the collection are two stunning still lifes by Severin Roesen.

  • Severin Roesen (1814-1872), Still Life with Fruit. Signed. 36” x 51”. Oil on Canvas.
  • Severin Roesen (1814-1872), Still Life with Fruit and Flowers. Signed. 36” x 51”. Oil on Canvas.

In addition to the paintings, the collection also features sculpture such as bronzes of David and Psyche and antique furniture. The Victorian furniture in The Park Home Collection mostly represents Rococo Revival (French Style) or Renaissance Revival styles.

The paintings, sculpture and furniture was collected by William Budd Stuart (1866-1951) and furnished The Park Home, which Stuart opened in 1940, a long-term boarding home where many Williamsport ladies spent their later years. The residents enjoyed these gracious adornments.

Today, residents of The Meadows, A Park Home Personal Care Community, have the opportunity to enjoy the collection that adorns the walls and hallways of the community.